About Us

Ashtone Enterprises(International Wholesale/Retail Distributor of General & Specialty Merchandise) was founded in Sept 1990 by Mike Kilgore an established musician(durmmer/percussionist) himself.  Mike has been the drummer for various Local & International recording artist  for the last 4 decades. With his latest accomplishments of the creation of Ashtone Entertainment Agency a subsidiary of Ashtone Enterprises he decided  that there was only one piece missing from the whole picture. The final piece missing  was Ashtone Records. Ashtone Records was the missing link that brought his whole plan together. Mike refers to music as an international and global language. The products coming out of Ashtone Records will add to that Global language.

We are a Recording Company with our own label(Ashtone Records) that Produce, Publish and Promote our own Recording Artists and their original material. Our Headquarters is based in Detroit, Michigan and we plan to take advantage of the opportunity of being surrounded by all of the wonderful talent here in Detroit.


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