Roger L. Tucker is a native of Winston-Salem,

NC who resides in Detroit, MI. Like many famous vocalists, Roger began singing in the church. At the age of twelve, he joined the “Heaven Bound Singers”. Since that time singing became his passion. The opportunity to perform in front of an audience is a lifelong dream.


His career in sales helped him to hone in his business acumen. Under the umbrella of his independent label and publishing company,

 “T-Jazz Records” and “Atterol Music Publishing Company”, Roger released his first CD entitled, “Sack Full of Dreams” with his band, “3/4 Step”, (pronounced Three Quarter Step), all of whom are exceptionally talented musicians. His sagacious decisions and uncanny sound landed him center stage at The Palace performing the National Anthem on many occasions for the Detroit Pistons and singing a duet with Kim Weston, (It Takes Two) that was a hit sung by Marvin Gaye and Ms. Weston. Roger’s sultry voice and ebullient personality won “Best Male Jazz Vocalist” at the 2009 Detroit Black Music Awards.


Roger’s voice was once compared to “Silk sheets sliding across the body”. His vocal style rests in the upper echelon of other noted male vocalists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jesse Belvin, or Al Jarreau. As quoted by Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, “Roger has a unique and refreshing vocal style. He has an easy manner that seems to allow the words to flow effortlessly. His tone is clear, precise and his delivery is touching. Roger gives all of his songs a personal charm through his choice of phrasing and word accenting. You will unquestionably like the stylized voice of Roger L. Tucker”.


“Always”, Roger’s latest release, a single, can be described as “classic” and “timeless”. It is a beautiful love song dedicated to those who lost loved ones in the September 11, 2001 tragedy. This is a must hear song, if you listen, you will remember “Always” and Roger L. Tucker.


John Raye, world renowned author, business and inspirational speaker, and highly successful entrepreneur exclaims after listening to “Always”………..

“WOW! He has an awesome set of pipes and his composition makes your heart sing, such an unforgettable tune”.



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